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Austin O’Brien has already accrued an impressive list of film and television credits. Known to television audiences as Joshua Greene from his three seasons on “Promised Land” and recurring role on “Touched by an Angel,” Austin began his acting career at age 4, appearing in a plethora of national television commercials. He made his feature film debut in “Lawnmower Man” at age 10 and went on to appear in such movies as “Last Action Hero,” “My Girl 2,” and “Apollo 13.”

With the wholesome All American good looks of the boy-next-door, Austin enjoys a close-knit family in which both his siblings, Trever and Amanda, are also actors. He cites acting and music as his two main passions, devoting time away from the camera to songwriting, guitar-playing and performing acoustic alternative rock. Committed to completing college, he is currently majoring in marketing.


Since graduating with a Theatre Arts Degree from Cal State University, Los Angeles, Demetrius Navarro, a native Los Angelino of Mexican descent, has worked in theatre, television and film. He made his professional debut with Luis Valdez’s El Teatro Campescino, performing on stage in “I DonŐt Have To Show You No Stinking Badges.” “Friday,” starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, marked his feature film debut and allowed Navarro to give shape to ’Hector,’ a low-rider street kid who travels in the world of gangs and drugs. He segued into the motion pictures “Soldier Boyz” and Kevin Reynold’s “187” with Samuel L. Jackson before guest-starring on primetime television series.

Five years ago, Demetrius was cast in the recurring role of quick-tongued, opinionated Paramedic Morales on NBC-TV’s highly popular “ER.” Within a year, he was dividing his time between “ER” and Telemundo’s award-winning sitcom Beltrán,” portraying militant art student Michael. Though television dominates most of his time, he remains active in film, having assumed leading roles in “The Wash” (2001) with Dr. Dre and Snoop and in the upcoming “Knight Club,” starring Lou Diamond.


A native Texan, the blond, chiseled —featured Esteban Powell, relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career upon graduating from the High School of Performing and Visual Arts in Houston in 1996. Armed with two feature film credits he garnered in Texas, “Dazed and Confused” and “Powder,” the teenage transplant, who arrived with little money and no contacts, soon found his way in Hollywood.

After quickly finding a role in a children’s series, he began guest-starring on such primetime television as “Beverly Hills 90212” and “Touched by An Angel” and landing national television commercials, including a highly popular “Mountain Dew” spot. Independent filmmakers also sought his talents, and he appeared in the Sundance Film Festival entry “Late Bloomers.” In 2001, he starred in the UPN cyber-crime series, “Level 9,” portraying Jargon. Following “Runaways,” Powell assumes a starring role in the independent feature “Paper Cuts.”

Arielle Paul makes her feature film debut in “Runaways.” Currently an honors student at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Arielle has been acting and singing in school productions since early childhood. In 2000, she began working in commercials while also honing her musical talents with a vocal jazz group (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts Local Jazz Assemble) that has since garnered awards at the Monterey Jazz Festival.

The daughter of British model/writer Angela and internationally acclaimed Manhattan Transfer member Alan Paul, Arielle is an only child who spent much of her youth traveling the world with her parents as her father performed. She looks forward to gaining classical training performing Shakespeare in her senior year in high school while preparing for college and pursuing an acting career.

Since native Los Angelino Arif S. Kinchen was a student at Los Angeles County High School of the Arts, he has been pursuing a career as both an actor and a rap artist. Making his feature film debut in “House Party” at age 16, he went accrue such additional film credits as “The WASH”, “Nikita Blues” and the film festival favorite, “The Jacket,” and keep active in television. In addition to guest-starring on numerous primetime series, he enjoyed two seasons as a member of UPN dramatic series about lawyers “Sparks” and appeared in national commercials for Coca Cola and AT&T, among others. Likewise, Kinchen is a sought-after voice-over talent and has worked on such animated projects such as the film, “Trippin” and the television series “Hormone High.”

To further his growth in the music industry, particularly in the West Coast rap/hip-hop scene, Kinchen has devoted years to promoting clubs and served stints in the promotions departments of Immortal Records and Loud Records. He has performed in Los Angeles at the House of Blues and the Palladium and in colleges across the country.

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